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Exploring Employees’ Digital Footprint and What Role the Metaverse Will Play in SaaS Platforms

Fostering your employees’ digital footprint has never been easier. Constantly being surrounded by technology has significantly influenced how we as a society operate. Businesses, particularly Software as a Service (“SaaS”) businesses, act as essential machines in leading digital solutions. The drivers of these machines, however, are the employees. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s…

Technology’s Role In Making Working Lives More Productive And Fulfilling

“Technology brings opportunities for efficiencies and cost management, but it also brings the opportunity to make working lives more productive and fulfilling”.      Carol Stubbings The world has fundamentally changed over the past 18 months due to some of the challenges highlighted by the pandemic. The global lockdown has had an enormous impact on mental well-being…

The Importance of Strategic (or Non-Financial) Performance Criteria in Variable Remuneration

Traditionally companies have been focused on achieving their financial targets but have, to some extent, ignored the importance of their longer-term, non-financial and strategic goals. This focus has influenced how staff have been rewarded, in that the performance conditions attached to incentive plans have been largely financial.  Today’s corporate culture is far more socially aware,…

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