The 5 Best Ways to Use Technology to Boost Your Workplace Productivity

From an IT perspective, the last few years have shown us that cloud-based solutions are an everyday miracle that allows millions of people to interact and communicate across cubicles or countries with the same speed and ease of use.

This is just one of the many technologies being used in the modern business environment to boost workplace productivity.

Widespread remote working proves to businesses that they need flexible systems that can constantly scale to meet their needs, regardless of how the world, their workforces, or workloads change.

Why is so much money being invested into automation, you may ask? Well, talk to your people. By encouraging your team to reflect on their daily routines with careful consideration of what needs to change, you can transform “We’ve always done it this way” to “What can we do better?”

Below are a few pointers to look out for when deciding on the right system to implement.

Diagram summarizing the article which reads "The 5 Best Ways to Use Technology to Boost Your Workplace Productivity" with 5 sub points, 1 - specialised tech for specialised processes, 2 - automate the 'boring', 3 - cloud data management, 4 - gamification and 5 - optimise meeting time

1 – Use specialised tech for specialised processes     

Think about your employees. How many of their pain points currently exist because the standard legacy software you have in place isn’t specifically designed to solve their needs?

Only once you adequately understand the areas for improvement can you start investigating the best tech solution. 

Investing in technology that specialises in solving your unique issues means having access to skilled industry experts dedicated to making your job and life more manageable. 

2 – Automate ‘boring’ or routine tasks

It’s important to remember that the right technology will support professionals, not replace them. And available technologies are not – “all the same!”

Specialised processes need specialised technology to address their primary objectives. When you give employees tools built to help them succeed in their role in a way that works best for them, you’re empowering them to have that perfect balance of control. 

With fewer points of friction and mundane tasks in their workflow, they’ll have more incentive to provide above-and-beyond performance. Besides, wouldn’t it be great to let the bots handle the tedious stuff and remove operational risks caused by another Excel copy-and-paste error?

3 – Use the cloud for single-source data management

The possibility of effectively keeping a digital trail requires one single-source data solution for all data – operational, financial, and HR. Have access to data in real-time, and you’ll never have to make assumptions about who did what, where, and when, ever again. 

But how can data integration improve productivity and efficiency?

It simply takes the reliance off one person. Providing access rights to different functionalities of a unified place allows every administrator to collaborate and store information without constant intermediation from you or your IT department.

4 – Harnesses gamification to improve productivity

So, what exactly is gamification? Simply put, it’s the application of typical elements of game-play in your everyday work activities.

Digital tools should address the need for simplified views of complex terms and processes by incorporating visual elements and keeping tasks more practical. Integrating step-by-step task management motivates engagement and participation in work. 

User-friendly SaaS (software as a service) platforms that master gamification are guaranteed to up your employee interaction and general job satisfaction.

Because these platforms run entirely in the cloud, employees can access their tasks on any internet-connected device. In a world of technology-based global connections, equal access defines success.

5 – Optimise meetings to win back time

There are a host of technologies that can improve and optimise how we conduct our meetings. Everybody knows meetings are a necessary evil at times – but technology lets us streamline them to avoid wasted time and effort.

Online VOIP technology like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, for example, eliminate wasted time travelling to and from a venue. Whenever possible use them to compliment your in-person meetings.

Scheduling is another time consuming, and often frustrating, process – made much easier by tools like Calendly to check availabilities or online calendars to automatically schedule meetings in advance.

Whatever you choose, make sure to consider how to make the most of your time.


Take stock of your clunky, manual, paper-based software. It’s worth reviewing what technologies are out there and what is most suitable for your administrative processes across teams at different geographical locations. 

The best way to get comfortable with new software, or technology, is to start using it! The investment will pay dividends in expanded capabilities and higher workplace productivity. 

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